Stress-Free School from Home in California

Safe • Structured • Simple

Find the right teacher, protect your home and family, and bring school to your California learning pod, on your terms.

Designed with ❤ for children ages 3 months to 3rd grade… and their busy parents!

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Find and Hire a Great Pod Teacher

We’ve found and vetted teachers all around California who are ready to step in and make your pod school time stress-free learn-and-play time. And when you hire a PodSkool home teacher, you can feel safe knowing that your property and loved ones are protected.

Protect Your Learning Pod

Already found a home teacher you want to work with? Let PodSkool take care of all of the legal, insurance and payroll issues for your pod school. For a low monthly fee, your learning pod, your property and your teacher will be protected.

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Our Mission

Helping Children Thrive…
and Parents Stay Sane

Families are facing incredible challenges today—from health risks, to school closures, to social isolation. Providing children with the nurturing, education, creative play and interaction they need has gotten overwhelmingly difficult. 

That’s why so many parents have come together to form their own “learning pods” or “pod schools”.

But how do you find the right home teacher for your learning pod? One who can teach to the vision and values you have for your kids?

And how do you hire your private teacher legally, protect yourselves, your teacher and your property in case of accidents?

We get it. We’re parents, too. That’s why we created PodSkool.

What Parents are Saying

What we offer

A Holistic Pod School-from-Home Solution for Your Family

Safety First

Our teachers will always come prepared with COVID Safety and First-Aid kits that help minimize all risks, from viral threats to cuts & scrapes.

Vetted in-home Teachers

Our pod teachers are all licensed and credentialed. They’re also trained on our process and curriculum so your learning pod always runs smoothly.

Find Families to Pod With

Looking for families in your area with similar safety practices and kids ages? Tell us about your family and we’ll help match you with like-minded others.

Accident Liability Insurance

PodSkool has you covered. Should an accident happen, we provide liability and professional insurance to protect you.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

We work with top educators and childcare professionals to develop age-appropriate STEAM curricula that your kids will love.

Payment & Management App

No more sending each other money or exchanging cash. Communicate with your teacher, track your sessions, manage your calendar, make secure payments, and more.

PodSkool Pricing

Making School at Home Affordable for Everyone

The hourly cost per child for our pods ranges from $8 to $18 per hour, depending on your pod teacher's salary, how many kids and how often you meet.

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