What’s Your COVID Safety Number?

Take a quick quiz to get your COVID Safety Number. Share with friends and pod-mates and pod teachers to see how you compare before you "pod up!"

When it comes to navigating pandemics each person and family has 100s of decisions to make about their safety vs. their sanity.

  • Do you dine out or just get takeout?
  • Do you wear a mask every time you leave the house or just where required?
  • Do you avoid large gatherings or …
  • Why does it matter?

Even if you and your family aren’t too worried about COVID, others in your circles might be. You may have friends who are immunocompromised (or have family that is) or hang out with ER doctors on a regular basis.

Matching COVID Safety for Your Learning Pod

To minimize risks (and reclaim some of their sanity!) many families are forming their own “learning pods”. That’s when knowing your score and how others compare can be critical to avoid any surprises.

Hiring a pod teacher? If you’re hiring a home teacher for your pod, matching your safety level is even more important. You want to be sure you’re not exposing your home pod school to more than you bargained for.

Calculating Your COVID Safety Level

We made calculating your level as easy as answering a 6-question quiz!

Pick the choices below that most closely match you and your family’s behavior at this point in the pandemic to get your safety rank. Share with your friends and possible pod-mates to see how you compare.

PodSkool COVID Safety Scale A-E

Our scale runs A to E, with A being the lowest level and E being the highest. 

Take the Stress out of School-from-Home