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Finding a Teacher for Your Pod

We've made Finding a Teacher for Your Pod

Easy as 1•2•3

From finding the right teacher to following the best safety standards and even creating a creative curriculum… We’ve taken all of the guesswork and challenges out of forming a safe, stable pod for your kids to learn, play and thrive.


1 - PodSkool Perfect Pods

Create your Pod Profile

Tell us about your pod, your kids, your schedule and preferences including when, where and how often your kids will get together, what your pod curriculum will focus on, how you are all responding to COVID, and what safety measures you would like from your teacher, as well.

We’ll review our teachers to find the best possible matches for your group.


2 - Select Your PodSkool Teacher

Choose Your Teacher

Interview & meet with a selection of teachers based on your needs and preferences.

Our staff teachers have years of experience, are pediatric CPR & First Aid certified, fully vetted and background checked! They can accommodate most any school’s curriculum, or teach the PodSkool play-based STEAM curriculum. 


3 - Your Learn + Play Pod is Ready

We'll Take it From There

Your learn-and-play pod is ready to begin! On day one, your PodSkool teacher will arrive ready to start, with materials and safety supplies to create a nurturing, safe, enriching and fun environment for all your little podders.

We’ll handle payment, payroll taxes, insurance, and all of the legal stuff, so you can focus on you.

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PodSkool Pricing

Finding a Great Teacher for Your Pod is Easy and Affordable

The hourly cost per child for our pods ranges from $8 to $18 per hour, depending on your pod teacher's salary, how many kids and how often you meet.

Answer a few questions and get an instant quote for your learning pod by clicking the button below:

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