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Insurance and Payroll
Create a safe and legal pod, with liability insurance to protect everyone and your assets, and worker’s comp and payroll processing for your teacher.

How PodSkool Protects Your Pod

ACCIDENT Protection

Accidents happen. While select homeowners policies can cover your guests up to a certain amount, as soon as professional childcare comes into play, you need professional Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation to protect your teacher and your assets.

COVID Coverage

You just can’t control everything. If your teacher contracts COVID-19, you may be responsible for his or her medical bills and lost wages.

PodSkool insurance has you and your teacher covered here, too. And if you need a teacher in the interim, we’ll be happy to help.

Payroll Processing

By California law, teachers hired for pods are considered employees and should be hired under a W2 contract and payroll taxes should be filed and paid to state and federal agencies.

PodSkool takes care of all of that for you and your teacher, so you can both focus on your kids.

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